Raspberry Ketone Supplements

The raspberry ketone used in the supplements marketed today is the same compound used in the food and cosmetics industry since the 1960’s.  It is used as an additive to give certain products a fruity odor or flavor.  Naturally extracted raspberry ketone is one of the most expensive additives in the market but its synthesized version is rather easy on the pocket and just as effective.  The FDA has given it a GRAS or Generally Recognized as Safe status.

Several studies have shown that raspberry ketones have fat-burning properties.  It is actually similar to Capsaicin, a compound found in hot peppers that increase metabolism.  It is also similar to synephrine  ( a form of the stimulant ephedrine)which is an alkaloid found in bitter orange extracts. Where the two are bitter and “hot”, raspberry on the other hand is sweet.

All three ingredients are used in fat-burning supplements but raspberry ketones works differently and none of the irritating effects.  The mice studies done in 2005 shows that despite a high fat diet given them for 10 weeks, those that were given varying doses of raspberry ketone lost body weight and a decreased fat build up in their liver.  Another mice study also shows that raspberry ketone increases the level of adiponectin in our body.  Adiponectin is a protein responsible for regulating glucose levels and fatty acid breakdown.  Apparently, as we gain weight, our adiponectin level decreases.  So then it makes sense that if we increase the levels of this protein, we also increase our body’s ability to breakdown fats and regulate blood glucose levels.

Another way to increase adiponectin is to exercise, and lots of it.  But then the majority of people who need to increase adiponectin levels are already overweight, which means exercise is not easy.  Raspberry Ketone is the right supplement to help them along.  To help them lose weight so working out will not be as grueling as it should be.

Acceptance of the raspberry ketone as a fat burning supplement is split in two.  There are doctors who agree and even endorse the theory and the effectivity of raspberry ketone.  They think that the study us enough and so far, raspberry ketone use has not produced any unpleasant side effects.  The mice study has also shown that raspberry ketone has no adverse side effects.

On the other side, some doctors and health professionals believe that we should wait for human studies and the proof of its effectivity in humans and its possible negative side effects.  The choice is yours, either to wait and gain weight for the meantime or try the raspberry ketone supplements now and see if it works on you like others who have successfully reached their weight goals.



Sugar with half the calories

What is Isomalt?

Isomalt is described as a sugar replacer by the company that first engineered it in Germany.  It is a sugar alcohol made from beets.  It is a chemical bonding of two independent disaccharides with a crystalline structure.  Its official molecular formula is C12H24O11.  Isomalt is considered artificial even if it is extracted from a natural source because this complex compound is extensively chemically manipulated.

Characteristics and Uses

Isomalt is predominantly used in products that are boiled baked or subjected to high temperatures.  Extreme heat does not degrade it and it does not lose its sweetness.  It also has poor water absorption that is why it does not become sticky, a perfect characteristic for manufacturing of hard candy.

Isomalt extends the shelf life of food products and is widely used as a food preservative.  It enhances flavor transfer in foods and dissolves slowly that is why candies with Isomalt retains flavor longer.  It is widely used as a sweetener for flavored candies, coffee and chocolate.

The sweet compound is also used along with intense artificial sweeteners which masks the bitter aftertaste that come with artificial sweeteners.  While the sweeteners give the flavor, it is Isomalt that gives out the texture.

Our Bodies and Isomalt

Like all polyols, (non-sugar carbohydrate), it is a low digestible carbohydrate, our bodies treat it not as a carbohydrate but as a dietary fiber.  It only has half the caloric value of sucrose and it does not cause tooth decay.  This is because oral bacteria cannot easily convert it to acids that cause decay nor can oral bacteria convert it to polyglucan which is what dental plaques are made of.

About thirty grams (30g) of Isomalt taken daily apparently increases the good bacteria called bifidobacteria in the large intestines which explains its prebiotic effect.  It also induces gut bacteria to work well, increasing the so called Short Chain Fatty Acids or SCFA which decreases acidity in the large intestine.  This results in healthy epithelium (cells that line the walls of organs) in the in the large intestine.

Isomalt only has 2 calories per gram because intestinal enzymes cannot hydrolyze its more stable disaccharide bond.  This means less of it is digested and absorbed into the blood.  It is a sweetener with the rich taste and texture of table sugar without its health dangers.

Highly Recommended

Isomalt is very low glycemic and barely affects blood glucose or insulin levels.  It is an additive that successfully provides low glycemic food products to consumers who are conscious of their health, who are trying to manage their glucose levels due to diabetes and those who are battling obesity or cardiovascular diseases by lowering sugar intake.

African Mango and Losing Weight

An Outdated yet Perfect Diet Plan

I had a perfect diet plan that works 100 per cent when I was in my early twenties.  It was fool proof and it works all the time. It wass very simple, full breakfast with coffee, a fruit for lunch and light dinner for 7 days. Add a 30 minute dance routine by 11 pm and I’ll lose the extra 5 pounds that seem to prevent me from getting into my new suit for my term paper defense or my new bathing suit.

Fast forward fifteen years and 20 pounds later, it is a totally different ball game.  You have to take weight loss seriously at this stage.  Why?  You metabolize slower as you age and as you gain the pounds you lose the urge to move.  Yes, eating healthy is a good thing and it helps immensely but unfortunately it’s a very slow process especially when we are beyond over thirty.

Things Get Slower As We Get Older

What happens is that as we advance in age, our hormone producing endocrine system slows down its production. Or the hormones that our bodies produce are less effective or less sensitive.  Even if we have been active and we eat right, you cannot stop this process, you just slow it down.  But the reality is that most of us are not active and we do not eat right!

At this point, there are available supplements like the African Mango that help us lose pounds like we used to.  The African Mango Supplements are seed extracts from a fruit called Irvingia Gabonesis or the dikka nut.  The supplement has recently gained popularity and is marketed as a fat burning supplement but it does much more.

The African Mango Supplement Promise

The African Mango contains a hormone called Leptin which is a natural appetite suppressant.  Leptin also helps in the fat burning process in the body.   Some people are leptin resistant because of increased C-reactive protein that binds the Leptin.  African Mango supplements are known to lower C-reactive protein levels in the body, thus freeing leptin to do its work.  The supplements also increase the body’s adiponectin, a hormone in the brain that helps burn fat and increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It also has soluble fiber that lowers the body’s bad cholesterol levels.

Over all, taking African Mango supplements along with the right amount of exercise and healthy diet increases our chances of losing weight, lowering our cholesterol and blood glucose level.  Try the African Mango supplement now and see what it does for you.

Low GI Recipes!

The search for the best diet plans and recipes continues and yet more and more people struggle with their weight.  And diabetics still have a hard time controlling their blood sugar.

So the question that begs to be answered is… Does any form or set of diet recipes even work?  The answer to that is simple.  The success of a diet, is not in the diet plan, it’s in the person who is dieting.  Let’s rephrase that, it’s not the diet plan, it’s the dietee that makes it work.

That said, it makes sense to think that much like you would search and keep on the lookout for the next big thing, or true love, so is the search for the form of diet recipes or diet plan. As the list is long, let us focus on something new.  The Low GI Recipes.

What makes a recipe a Low GI recipe?

To answer this question, we need to know what GI is.  GI is the acronym for Glycemic Index.  This is a measure or rating given to foods based on its ability to raise the body’s blood sugar levels after it has been digested.  The higher the index or score, the less desirable it is for sugar conscious or diabetic people.

So, Low GI Recipes have ingredients that have a low glycemic index rating.

Are Low GI Recipes the same as Low Sugar Recipes?

Definitely not, since low sugar recipes have ingredients that are low in sugar content or uses low sugar or sugar substitutes.  Food with low sugar content is not the same as food that has carbohydrates that rapidly raises a person’s blood sugar or glucose levels.

What foods are considered to be included in a Low GI recipe?

Based on the ratings or scores given to a certain food, a low GI food has a score of 55 or less.  Medium GI food has a score 56 to 69 and food with High GI has a score of 70 or more.  To determine which foods are in each category, you will need GI index chart. The charts are available online and a more extensive chart is available in certain books.

Are low GI recipes easy to follow?

It is simple enough that all you do is to keep a list of the food you can eat, avoid and have occasionally.

Low GI recipes are perfect for people who are constantly watching out for their glucose levels such as people living with diabetes, or are in the pre-diabetic stage or people who wants to prevent getting diabetes.  Along with the help of other diabetic foods available in the market, the Low GI Diet could be a very effective one.

A Healthy Lifestyle and Raspberry Ketone

We live in fast paced world and our minds and bodies need to keep up.  There is so much we all have to deal with on a daily basis and healthy lifestyle is essential in every age and in any profession.  A healthy body and mind is able to complete a whole day’s worth of activities and more and it also ensures that the body is able to combat common diseases and illnesses that are just waiting to pounce.

So what does a healthy lifestyle entail?

The media bombards us with images of physically fit bodies with perfectly toned muscles but being healthy is more than that.  A healthy body means that every system and every organ within it is functioning properly and in good condition.  This is achieved through a proper and a balanced diet.  Our bodies are fueled by the food we eat. Proper diet means the more natural the food the better, a balanced diet means more greens less meat and fats.

Eating well is just one half of a healthy lifestyle, a consistent exercise regimen comprises the other half. The fuel from food has to go somewhere, it needs to be used otherwise our bodies store the excess. That excess gets stored as fats.  Our metabolism dictates how fast the fuel gets used up and as we age, the human body slows down its metabolic rate.  To put it simply, the older we get, the more exercise we need to burn fat. Fortunately, staying healthy doesn’t mean more time in the gym or additional reps or longer miles to run.  Nature comes to your aid once again, thanks to health experts who discovered what Raspberry Ketones can do other than give a sweet aroma to food and perfume.  And that is its ability to help our body’s fat burning process.

Recent studies have shown that the raspberry ketone has the ability to help people lose weight on the cellular level.  Raspberry Ketone helps decrease the absorption of dietary fat and helps epinephrine-induced lipolysis – or the breaking down of fat so it could burn easily.

Raspberry Ketone diet supplement has gained popularity ever since Dr. Oz, renowned advocate of the healthy lifestyle declared that the supplement is “The # 1 miracle in a bottle to burn fat”.   The truth is, Raspberry ketone has been around for decades.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave raspberry ketone a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status way back in 1965.