A Healthy Lifestyle and Raspberry Ketone

We live in fast paced world and our minds and bodies need to keep up.  There is so much we all have to deal with on a daily basis and healthy lifestyle is essential in every age and in any profession.  A healthy body and mind is able to complete a whole day’s worth of activities and more and it also ensures that the body is able to combat common diseases and illnesses that are just waiting to pounce.

So what does a healthy lifestyle entail?

The media bombards us with images of physically fit bodies with perfectly toned muscles but being healthy is more than that.  A healthy body means that every system and every organ within it is functioning properly and in good condition.  This is achieved through a proper and a balanced diet.  Our bodies are fueled by the food we eat. Proper diet means the more natural the food the better, a balanced diet means more greens less meat and fats.

Eating well is just one half of a healthy lifestyle, a consistent exercise regimen comprises the other half. The fuel from food has to go somewhere, it needs to be used otherwise our bodies store the excess. That excess gets stored as fats.  Our metabolism dictates how fast the fuel gets used up and as we age, the human body slows down its metabolic rate.  To put it simply, the older we get, the more exercise we need to burn fat. Fortunately, staying healthy doesn’t mean more time in the gym or additional reps or longer miles to run.  Nature comes to your aid once again, thanks to health experts who discovered what Raspberry Ketones can do other than give a sweet aroma to food and perfume.  And that is its ability to help our body’s fat burning process.

Recent studies have shown that the raspberry ketone has the ability to help people lose weight on the cellular level.  Raspberry Ketone helps decrease the absorption of dietary fat and helps epinephrine-induced lipolysis – or the breaking down of fat so it could burn easily.

Raspberry Ketone diet supplement has gained popularity ever since Dr. Oz, renowned advocate of the healthy lifestyle declared that the supplement is “The # 1 miracle in a bottle to burn fat”.   The truth is, Raspberry ketone has been around for decades.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave raspberry ketone a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status way back in 1965.


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