Low GI Recipes!

The search for the best diet plans and recipes continues and yet more and more people struggle with their weight.  And diabetics still have a hard time controlling their blood sugar.

So the question that begs to be answered is… Does any form or set of diet recipes even work?  The answer to that is simple.  The success of a diet, is not in the diet plan, it’s in the person who is dieting.  Let’s rephrase that, it’s not the diet plan, it’s the dietee that makes it work.

That said, it makes sense to think that much like you would search and keep on the lookout for the next big thing, or true love, so is the search for the form of diet recipes or diet plan. As the list is long, let us focus on something new.  The Low GI Recipes.

What makes a recipe a Low GI recipe?

To answer this question, we need to know what GI is.  GI is the acronym for Glycemic Index.  This is a measure or rating given to foods based on its ability to raise the body’s blood sugar levels after it has been digested.  The higher the index or score, the less desirable it is for sugar conscious or diabetic people.

So, Low GI Recipes have ingredients that have a low glycemic index rating.

Are Low GI Recipes the same as Low Sugar Recipes?

Definitely not, since low sugar recipes have ingredients that are low in sugar content or uses low sugar or sugar substitutes.  Food with low sugar content is not the same as food that has carbohydrates that rapidly raises a person’s blood sugar or glucose levels.

What foods are considered to be included in a Low GI recipe?

Based on the ratings or scores given to a certain food, a low GI food has a score of 55 or less.  Medium GI food has a score 56 to 69 and food with High GI has a score of 70 or more.  To determine which foods are in each category, you will need GI index chart. The charts are available online and a more extensive chart is available in certain books.

Are low GI recipes easy to follow?

It is simple enough that all you do is to keep a list of the food you can eat, avoid and have occasionally.

Low GI recipes are perfect for people who are constantly watching out for their glucose levels such as people living with diabetes, or are in the pre-diabetic stage or people who wants to prevent getting diabetes.  Along with the help of other diabetic foods available in the market, the Low GI Diet could be a very effective one.


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