African Mango and Losing Weight

An Outdated yet Perfect Diet Plan

I had a perfect diet plan that works 100 per cent when I was in my early twenties.  It was fool proof and it works all the time. It wass very simple, full breakfast with coffee, a fruit for lunch and light dinner for 7 days. Add a 30 minute dance routine by 11 pm and I’ll lose the extra 5 pounds that seem to prevent me from getting into my new suit for my term paper defense or my new bathing suit.

Fast forward fifteen years and 20 pounds later, it is a totally different ball game.  You have to take weight loss seriously at this stage.  Why?  You metabolize slower as you age and as you gain the pounds you lose the urge to move.  Yes, eating healthy is a good thing and it helps immensely but unfortunately it’s a very slow process especially when we are beyond over thirty.

Things Get Slower As We Get Older

What happens is that as we advance in age, our hormone producing endocrine system slows down its production. Or the hormones that our bodies produce are less effective or less sensitive.  Even if we have been active and we eat right, you cannot stop this process, you just slow it down.  But the reality is that most of us are not active and we do not eat right!

At this point, there are available supplements like the African Mango that help us lose pounds like we used to.  The African Mango Supplements are seed extracts from a fruit called Irvingia Gabonesis or the dikka nut.  The supplement has recently gained popularity and is marketed as a fat burning supplement but it does much more.

The African Mango Supplement Promise

The African Mango contains a hormone called Leptin which is a natural appetite suppressant.  Leptin also helps in the fat burning process in the body.   Some people are leptin resistant because of increased C-reactive protein that binds the Leptin.  African Mango supplements are known to lower C-reactive protein levels in the body, thus freeing leptin to do its work.  The supplements also increase the body’s adiponectin, a hormone in the brain that helps burn fat and increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It also has soluble fiber that lowers the body’s bad cholesterol levels.

Over all, taking African Mango supplements along with the right amount of exercise and healthy diet increases our chances of losing weight, lowering our cholesterol and blood glucose level.  Try the African Mango supplement now and see what it does for you.


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