Saffron Therapy – Significant Weight Loss in a Capsule

What is Saffron Therapy?

Saffron therapy is a just a term coined for purposes of this article, it is not an official medical term.  Nonetheless, it means exactly what it says.  It is a method of healing or an attempt to remedy a health problem with the use of saffron.  In the medical field it therapy also means treatment.

Saffron has been a popular spice for centuries as well as an alternative medicinal remedy for a number of ailments.  Recently however, it has gained a fair amount of popularity as a supplement to aid in weight loss management after it was endorsed by Dr. Oz in his show.

Saffron therapy for weight loss is straight forward and how it works is simple to understand.  Take note however that Saffron supplements are effective as a weight loss boost for people who have emotional eating disorder or people who turn to food to counter stress. It is basically for everyone who has gained weight because of over eating. Saffron is has always been known to positively affect a person’s mood and recent studies have shown it has something to do with its ability to increase levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter , a mood regulator so to speak although it has other functions that let our body work more efficiently.

Weight loss happens when the right dose of saffron supplement is consumed daily.  This keeps serotonin at a level that suppresses the usual urge to start binge eating especially during a stressful day. Saffron’s effect on mood is practically immediate as well as the obvious change in appetite.  The change however does not affect your appetite when a person is actually hungry or when the body craves food for sustenance.

Is it proof that it is effective?

A clinical study was done and published in 2010 indicated that a therapy of daily saffron intake causes significant decrease in weight loss and binge eating or snacking as opposed to a group given placebo.  According to the study, after eight weeks appetite was suppressed by 84% and it also enhanced satiety resulting to significant weight loss.

Saffron therapy using like Saffron  8825(a pure saffron extract) is a safe, effective and worth a try.  Even if the target weight has been achieved it can still be continued to keep the weight off and stay healthy. You do not need to struggle everyday whether or not to eat that piece of chocolate cake, your body will naturally decide not to.


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