A Balanced Diet and Fruits


Fruits – they are basically nature’s pre-packaged food to go.  There’s no question as to how healthy they are! That’s a fact everyone agrees on!

Containing essential vitamins and minerals unique to its food group, they are also composed of carbohydrates and fiber that can aid in digesting and help bowel movement.


Fiber doesn’t get digested as it goes down. It actually accumulates water as it goes down, allowing the rest of the stuff you ate to go down with considerably less difficulty.

Eat those fruits whole though! Peeled and juiced fruits have significantly less fiber so they won’t help as much. If taken in well enough, they might not even visibly help!


Sugar, sweet natural sugar. It’s what makes a fruit taste good. Mmm…

But just because this sugar is covered in the generally accepted sphere of health we call a basic fruit doesn’t mean it still isn’t sugar inside. Sugar is still sugar no matter what package it is in.

Much like all the regular sugar, too much of it is naturally not very good for your health. Never consider having it all for a meal. Getting a bowl of fruit is just as an unhealthy as a stack of stakes covered in grease. (Well, maybe not as bad, but still bad)

Some fruits vary in sugar content, however. Of the most concentrated (arranged from least to greatest) are bananas, cherries, pomegranates, mangoes, grapes, and figs. Glucose does provide a natural source of energy for your body which you regularly need.

So always keep them in check on how much you take in. Balance them out.


Calories are actually a unit of measurement. It’s an assessment of energy that you gain from taking in the aforementioned food. Two bananas actually have as much calories as a small pack of Oreos (100 calories). So be wary since it’s easy to take more than just two. Or pick up a mango which has around fifty percent more calories!

Raspberry Ketone Supplement


Raspberry Ketone is a compound found in raspberries and is marketed as a weight loss supplement.  Take the Raspberry Ketone Supplement and it is like consuming only the part of the fruit that is essential in losing weight – devoid of the sugars that go in the fruit.

Now all this health stuff can get pretty complicated, especially when you’re trying to incorporate it in your daily life. And, at times, you may wonder as you’re passing by your local bakery, “just how good would that cake taste?” Even more so when you’re out on a fancy restaurant with your friends and you are the only one having the salad.

Raspberry ketone supplements allows you to have the healthy fruits and some fat inducing ones like the cake and still burn the fats and glucose you consume with it.


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