Garcinia Cambogia – Understanding the Hype


A lot of people out there would dissent or approve of the use of supplements, but my take on the matter is that lets just all be open minded and consider the benefits along with whatever negative opinions are out there.  After all, if we are all closed up and cynical, no one would discover anything and the world will still be regarded as flat and people like Nikola Tesla would still be considered a raving lunatic.

Alright then, moving on to the actual topic – which is Garcinia Cambogia. It is an extract derived from the fruit which is popularized yet again by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Now, while some people consider Dr. Oz as a big business sell out, we cannot disregard the fact that he is a highly credentialed member of the medical community – he is a Harvard graduate and a surgeon specializing in heart transplants other credentials that are worth mentioning but then this page is not enough.  His medical opinion –I believe – hold a lot of weight.

Having said that, I have researched and read literature regarding the studies involving garcinia cambogia and I find that the simplest way to explain it is how Dr. Oz has explained it in his show.  I understand serotonin and lipid biosynthesis but Dr. Oz makes it all clear of course with the help of Dr. Julie Chen.  Let’s break it all down.

  • It is the least expensive weight loss supplement out there.
  • It is backed up by several studies that show that it increases weight loss by 2 to 3 times more than what people would normally lose with just diet and exercise alone.
  • It comes from the rind of the tamarind fruit and is used in chutney, soup preparations and it also has been used for medicinal purposes so its safety is not questionable.
  • Based on the studies, taking the supplements for a month will result in a weight loss of about 4 months but with exercise and a healthy diet, you can increase the weight loss exponentially.
  • It is a dual effect fat buster.
  • It’s a great weight loss supplement for emotional eaters because it increases the serotonin levels  so their sleep and mood are better which then suppresses their appetite (lowers their need to eat) which results in lowered fat intake.  It also helps manage the stress hormone cortisol.  For these reasons, people who take garcinia cambogia may expect a decrease in belly fat.
  • It prevents fat from being made and instead they are turned into glycogen which is easier to consume as an energy source. Dr. Oz then uses a contraption much like a juice dispenser wherein apparently de-clog the passageway to turn sugar into an energy source instead of storing it as body fat.

The efficacy of the Garcinia Camborgia is clear enough without the medical and technical mumbo jumbo that most studies are full of.  However, as my grandmother used to say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating – the only thing left to do is to try it.