Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Management

For people who are struggling with their weight, there are several options.  But all these options have some things in common – the success of the weight loss program depends on commitment and determination. Most diet plans and weight loss programs are unsuccessful because they are so rigid that most people tend to cheat and just fall off the proverbial horse.

It is fortunate then that there are supplements available that help shed the pounds even with little effort from the person trying to lose weight. Using supplements while dieting can enhance the process of weight loss.

Not all weight loss supplements deliver what they promise so it is best to know which ones work for you.  Best of all, choose supplements that are derived from natural sources over ones that are chemically engineered.

Why take natural supplements for weight loss

Natural supplements have fewer side effects than its laboratory manufactured counterpart. Most natural supplements do not disrupt normal routine. This is in comparison to engineered supplements require drastic changes in daily routines.

One natural supplement that has been known for its positive weight management attributes is green coffee bean extract.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is as natural as they get.  It has the same health benefits from drinking regular coffee.  Coffee is known to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, certain forms of cancer, diabetes and dementia. The green coffee bean extract, aside from the regular coffee benefits, is an effective weight loss supplement.

The essential ingredient in green coffee bean extract is an antioxidant called Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid assists in the balance of glucose levels in that it slows down the absorption of the glucose in the blood. It also helps in overall liver function. People that take Chlorogenic Acid have reported a significant increase in metabolism as well.

As for the caffeine content, there is no need to worry. A regular sized cup of coffee contains about 100mgs of caffeine. That could be hard to manage for those who are sensitive to caffeine. In each capsule of green coffee bean extract however, only has only 20mgs of caffeine.

Where to purchase Green 

The Green Coffee Bean supplement is sold either in health stores or online. They are usually sold in bottles of 60 capsules. But before you make a purchase, do consult with your physician especially if you are on certain medications.


Frequently Asked Questions about Green Coffee Bean Extract

Q: What is a Green Coffee Bean?

Answer: Green coffee beans are the seeds from coffee berries before it is roasted.  They are green in color, hence the reference.  Roasted coffee beans turn dark brown because it is roasted up to 425 ˚F.

Q:  What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Answer: The green coffee bean extract is basically 45% chlorogenic acid which is extracted from the unroasted coffee bean.  Green coffee beans are used because the roasting process depletes the amount of chlorogenic acid in the coffee bean.

Q: How does Green Coffee Bean Extract help people lose weight?

Answer:  The main ingredient in the extract is an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid.  Chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of glucose into the blood stream.  What happens is that when glucose is introduced into the bloodstream after the consumption of food or a beverage, the liver releases insulin which carries and stores glucose.  Because glucose is slowly released, it is slowly used up and gets metabolized easier and faster leaving no excess for storage.

Q: Can’t I get the same effect from drinking coffee?

Answer:  Certainly not.  Coffee undergoes roasting at high temperatures and thus depletes its chlorogenic acid content by as much as 70%.  The beverage has minute amounts of chlorogenic acid but is high in caffeine, so drinking too much is not really a good thing.

Q: Isn’t there too much caffeine in the tablet too?

Answer: The green coffee bean extract only has 10% caffeine in it but it has a great percentage of chlorogenic acid. They is no danger of experiencing the side effects of too much caffeine in your system

Q: Can I get chlorogenic acid from other food stuff like fruits or berries?  Why do I need to get it from green coffee beans?

Answer: Chlorogenic acid in peaches and prunes and other plants like the bamboo but the amount of chlorogenic acid in it is miniscule compared to green coffee beans which are considered as the primary source of the antioxidant.

Q:  Where may I purchase the green coffee bean extract?

Answer:  In Australia, the supplements are available online which is more convenient.  The health section of department stores may have it but it is unlikely.

Q:  What is the recommended dosage and how should it be taken?

Answer: The recommended dosage is to take two capsules daily 30 minutes before meals.  But you may ask your health professional for recommendation.

Q:  Are there studies regarding the effectivity of the supplement? If so where can I find them?

Answer:  There are a few studies regarding the supplement you may find information and links in this article.

Weight Loss Program That Makes Sense – The Green Coffee Bean Extract Advantage

For some, obesity is a constant battle of wills between what the brain knows to be right and what the body craves for.  And unfortunately, based on current statistics, the cravings win most of the time.   Fortunately, the newest weight management support supplement – Green Coffee Bean Extract – may change all that and reverse statistical tides.

Apparently, Green Coffee Bean extract burns fat and keeps fat from building up independent of physical exercise and regardless of total calorie intake.  What is more astounding is that it has no apparent adverse side effect.  According to the study on overweight individuals who took green coffee bean extract supplement, there was a 16 % decrease body fat.  This is a significant weight loss in just twelve weeks and without changing their diet too! All of the subjects in the study lost weight, both male and female.


So what next?


It is true that our bodies are wired differently and our health is influenced by different factors from genetics to environment.  This is the reason why one weight loss program or supplement may work for one and not the other but this newest supplement (from otherwise centuries old source) may just be the one supplement that works for you.


Who is it for?


Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement is for people who have a hard time sticking to their diet.  Researchers say that paying too much attention on what you eat can actually make you fatter because once you abandon the diet, you tend to eat more than you did before you started the diet. Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement lets you eat like you normally would and the transition is better.  As you lose weight, you’ll find yourself enjoying each meal and actually decide to eat healthy instead because you are not forced into it.

Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement is also for people want to lose weight but their job keeps them tied to the desk. The rise of home offices and jobs that require almost 100% of their time in front of the computer has given birth to a generation of over weights on a diet of take outs.  Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements lets the body burn fat without strenuous exercise so even a little exercise can leave a feeling of great accomplishment.  The supplement also prevents fat build up because it slows down the release of sugar (glucose) into the bloodstream, no extra glucose – no stored fat.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is available online.