A Balanced Diet and Fruits


Fruits – they are basically nature’s pre-packaged food to go.  There’s no question as to how healthy they are! That’s a fact everyone agrees on!

Containing essential vitamins and minerals unique to its food group, they are also composed of carbohydrates and fiber that can aid in digesting and help bowel movement.


Fiber doesn’t get digested as it goes down. It actually accumulates water as it goes down, allowing the rest of the stuff you ate to go down with considerably less difficulty.

Eat those fruits whole though! Peeled and juiced fruits have significantly less fiber so they won’t help as much. If taken in well enough, they might not even visibly help!


Sugar, sweet natural sugar. It’s what makes a fruit taste good. Mmm…

But just because this sugar is covered in the generally accepted sphere of health we call a basic fruit doesn’t mean it still isn’t sugar inside. Sugar is still sugar no matter what package it is in.

Much like all the regular sugar, too much of it is naturally not very good for your health. Never consider having it all for a meal. Getting a bowl of fruit is just as an unhealthy as a stack of stakes covered in grease. (Well, maybe not as bad, but still bad)

Some fruits vary in sugar content, however. Of the most concentrated (arranged from least to greatest) are bananas, cherries, pomegranates, mangoes, grapes, and figs. Glucose does provide a natural source of energy for your body which you regularly need.

So always keep them in check on how much you take in. Balance them out.


Calories are actually a unit of measurement. It’s an assessment of energy that you gain from taking in the aforementioned food. Two bananas actually have as much calories as a small pack of Oreos (100 calories). So be wary since it’s easy to take more than just two. Or pick up a mango which has around fifty percent more calories!

Raspberry Ketone Supplement


Raspberry Ketone is a compound found in raspberries and is marketed as a weight loss supplement.  Take the Raspberry Ketone Supplement and it is like consuming only the part of the fruit that is essential in losing weight – devoid of the sugars that go in the fruit.

Now all this health stuff can get pretty complicated, especially when you’re trying to incorporate it in your daily life. And, at times, you may wonder as you’re passing by your local bakery, “just how good would that cake taste?” Even more so when you’re out on a fancy restaurant with your friends and you are the only one having the salad.

Raspberry ketone supplements allows you to have the healthy fruits and some fat inducing ones like the cake and still burn the fats and glucose you consume with it.


Raspberry Ketone Supplements – Helping People Make Healthier Choices

 Obesity and Diabetes are two health concerns that are almost always connected.   Diabetes may not the only disease acquired by people whose body fat is more than 20% the normal rate but life threatening complications are compounded if a person is afflicted by both.  The cure for the dilemma is simple (lose the extra weight) but the process is difficult as change always is.

Raspberry Ketone Supplement is meant to make the change a little less tough so you can concentrate on what is important which to enjoy life as it comes.

Raspberry ketones affect the body in such a way that it feels full.  Hunger pangs are rare and therefore you do not find yourself craving for food most of the time.  You eat when you need to and consume just enough to sustain your body. Knowing you have a controlled appetite subconsciously give s you a sense of well-being not lethargic by the end of the day, energetic enough not skip working out or taking a 30 minute walk.

Incidentally, the weight loss during that 30 minute walk is boosted by the raspberry ketone’s ability to metabolize faster.  With the raspberry ketone supplement, it does not take much of a work-out to burn body fats and blood glucose.  But then, the longer and more strenuous the work-out is, the more you lose weight.

Exercise also curb appetite and while exercising you feel the need to take in more liquids that help flush out most of the toxins in the body and hydrates it.  You sweat more, you drink more and the fuller you feel.  Again, you eat less than you normally would.

Obesity is hard to deal with because it is difficult to do simple tasks because of the weight. Raspberry ketone, make every effort count – this is how raspberry ketones benefit the body.

Raspberry Ketones is a compound manufactured based on scientific theory.  The fact that more and more people are giving the supplement a chance is because they find that the theory behind the supplement is worth a try and not just some hype.  Dr. Oz believes in it and recommends it and even explained how it works, in his show.

Raspberry Ketone is a good companion for people who are starting out.  And as you slowly try to make healthy choices in food and activities, you are also starting to steer clear of diabetes, coronary disease, hypertension and whatever else comes after.  Raspberry ketones just make things easier and losing weight less of a battle and more of an exciting journey.

Raspberry Ketone – The Basics


Raspberry Ketone – What is it?


Raspberry ketone is a phenolic compound from red raspberries that gives the fruit its pleasant aroma. It is one of the compounds that give the red raspberry  its antioxidant properties.  It is also widely known as Red Raspberry Ketone, European Red Raspberry or RK. In scientific terms, they are referred to as Rubus Ideaus, Rubus Strigosus and Framboise Rouge.

This compound was given a safe classification by the US Food and Drug Administration. It was classified as a GRAS substance which simply means is Generally Recognized as Safe. It has also been used since the 1960’s in the Food and Cosmetic Industry as a fragrance and flavoring agent.


How does it cause weight loss?


A study on raspberry ketone and its anti-obesity action was conducted and was published in 2005. It was discovered that raspberry ketones resulted in a reduction in total body weight after 10 weeks of use, there was also a decrease in fats in the liver. This is the effect of RK at an intake of between 1 to 2 per cent of total calories consumed.  This had a direct effect on the brain hormone called norepinephrine, which is also a neurotransmitter that affects the body’s ability to burn fats. Researchers observed that a combination of raspberry ketones and norepinephrine caused the fats cells to shrink than norepinephrine alone. The combination alters lipid metabolism, increasing norepinephrine induced lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in adipocytes. The study also shows taking RK at 5 per cent of total calorie intake decreases the amount of triglycerides in the body.

A more recent study supports the previous one and it shows that RK increases the amount of adiponectin in the fat cells.  Adiponectin is a protein hormone that is responsible for the regulation of a number of metabolic processes including glucose regulation and fatty acid oxidation. Adiponectin increases sensitivity of insulin.  Increased insulin sensitivity equates to better metabolism which means fat is burned faster.


Why should I take Raspberry Ketone?


Technology has made our lives easier and movement has become limited finding the time to exercise is nearly impossible.  And for those who do not have time for the gym, or the time to cook a healthy meal, the additional weight is inevitable. And for those who have gone quite far from the healthy weight margin, there is no alternative other than an intense work out at extended periods.  The good news is that raspberry ketone supplements give people another alternative to lose weight because it lets the body metabolize faster than it would with exercise alone.  It is true that nothing beats proper diet and a regular exercise to get the healthy body we all want but some of us needs a lot more boost and raspberry ketone supplements do just that.

Raspberry Ketone Supplements

The raspberry ketone used in the supplements marketed today is the same compound used in the food and cosmetics industry since the 1960’s.  It is used as an additive to give certain products a fruity odor or flavor.  Naturally extracted raspberry ketone is one of the most expensive additives in the market but its synthesized version is rather easy on the pocket and just as effective.  The FDA has given it a GRAS or Generally Recognized as Safe status.

Several studies have shown that raspberry ketones have fat-burning properties.  It is actually similar to Capsaicin, a compound found in hot peppers that increase metabolism.  It is also similar to synephrine  ( a form of the stimulant ephedrine)which is an alkaloid found in bitter orange extracts. Where the two are bitter and “hot”, raspberry on the other hand is sweet.

All three ingredients are used in fat-burning supplements but raspberry ketones works differently and none of the irritating effects.  The mice studies done in 2005 shows that despite a high fat diet given them for 10 weeks, those that were given varying doses of raspberry ketone lost body weight and a decreased fat build up in their liver.  Another mice study also shows that raspberry ketone increases the level of adiponectin in our body.  Adiponectin is a protein responsible for regulating glucose levels and fatty acid breakdown.  Apparently, as we gain weight, our adiponectin level decreases.  So then it makes sense that if we increase the levels of this protein, we also increase our body’s ability to breakdown fats and regulate blood glucose levels.

Another way to increase adiponectin is to exercise, and lots of it.  But then the majority of people who need to increase adiponectin levels are already overweight, which means exercise is not easy.  Raspberry Ketone is the right supplement to help them along.  To help them lose weight so working out will not be as grueling as it should be.

Acceptance of the raspberry ketone as a fat burning supplement is split in two.  There are doctors who agree and even endorse the theory and the effectivity of raspberry ketone.  They think that the study us enough and so far, raspberry ketone use has not produced any unpleasant side effects.  The mice study has also shown that raspberry ketone has no adverse side effects.

On the other side, some doctors and health professionals believe that we should wait for human studies and the proof of its effectivity in humans and its possible negative side effects.  The choice is yours, either to wait and gain weight for the meantime or try the raspberry ketone supplements now and see if it works on you like others who have successfully reached their weight goals.

A Healthy Lifestyle and Raspberry Ketone

We live in fast paced world and our minds and bodies need to keep up.  There is so much we all have to deal with on a daily basis and healthy lifestyle is essential in every age and in any profession.  A healthy body and mind is able to complete a whole day’s worth of activities and more and it also ensures that the body is able to combat common diseases and illnesses that are just waiting to pounce.

So what does a healthy lifestyle entail?

The media bombards us with images of physically fit bodies with perfectly toned muscles but being healthy is more than that.  A healthy body means that every system and every organ within it is functioning properly and in good condition.  This is achieved through a proper and a balanced diet.  Our bodies are fueled by the food we eat. Proper diet means the more natural the food the better, a balanced diet means more greens less meat and fats.

Eating well is just one half of a healthy lifestyle, a consistent exercise regimen comprises the other half. The fuel from food has to go somewhere, it needs to be used otherwise our bodies store the excess. That excess gets stored as fats.  Our metabolism dictates how fast the fuel gets used up and as we age, the human body slows down its metabolic rate.  To put it simply, the older we get, the more exercise we need to burn fat. Fortunately, staying healthy doesn’t mean more time in the gym or additional reps or longer miles to run.  Nature comes to your aid once again, thanks to health experts who discovered what Raspberry Ketones can do other than give a sweet aroma to food and perfume.  And that is its ability to help our body’s fat burning process.

Recent studies have shown that the raspberry ketone has the ability to help people lose weight on the cellular level.  Raspberry Ketone helps decrease the absorption of dietary fat and helps epinephrine-induced lipolysis – or the breaking down of fat so it could burn easily.

Raspberry Ketone diet supplement has gained popularity ever since Dr. Oz, renowned advocate of the healthy lifestyle declared that the supplement is “The # 1 miracle in a bottle to burn fat”.   The truth is, Raspberry ketone has been around for decades.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave raspberry ketone a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status way back in 1965.