Frequently Asked Questions about Green Coffee Bean Extract

Q: What is a Green Coffee Bean?

Answer: Green coffee beans are the seeds from coffee berries before it is roasted.  They are green in color, hence the reference.  Roasted coffee beans turn dark brown because it is roasted up to 425 ˚F.

Q:  What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Answer: The green coffee bean extract is basically 45% chlorogenic acid which is extracted from the unroasted coffee bean.  Green coffee beans are used because the roasting process depletes the amount of chlorogenic acid in the coffee bean.

Q: How does Green Coffee Bean Extract help people lose weight?

Answer:  The main ingredient in the extract is an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid.  Chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of glucose into the blood stream.  What happens is that when glucose is introduced into the bloodstream after the consumption of food or a beverage, the liver releases insulin which carries and stores glucose.  Because glucose is slowly released, it is slowly used up and gets metabolized easier and faster leaving no excess for storage.

Q: Can’t I get the same effect from drinking coffee?

Answer:  Certainly not.  Coffee undergoes roasting at high temperatures and thus depletes its chlorogenic acid content by as much as 70%.  The beverage has minute amounts of chlorogenic acid but is high in caffeine, so drinking too much is not really a good thing.

Q: Isn’t there too much caffeine in the tablet too?

Answer: The green coffee bean extract only has 10% caffeine in it but it has a great percentage of chlorogenic acid. They is no danger of experiencing the side effects of too much caffeine in your system

Q: Can I get chlorogenic acid from other food stuff like fruits or berries?  Why do I need to get it from green coffee beans?

Answer: Chlorogenic acid in peaches and prunes and other plants like the bamboo but the amount of chlorogenic acid in it is miniscule compared to green coffee beans which are considered as the primary source of the antioxidant.

Q:  Where may I purchase the green coffee bean extract?

Answer:  In Australia, the supplements are available online which is more convenient.  The health section of department stores may have it but it is unlikely.

Q:  What is the recommended dosage and how should it be taken?

Answer: The recommended dosage is to take two capsules daily 30 minutes before meals.  But you may ask your health professional for recommendation.

Q:  Are there studies regarding the effectivity of the supplement? If so where can I find them?

Answer:  There are a few studies regarding the supplement you may find information and links in this article.


A Balanced Diet and Fruits


Fruits – they are basically nature’s pre-packaged food to go.  There’s no question as to how healthy they are! That’s a fact everyone agrees on!

Containing essential vitamins and minerals unique to its food group, they are also composed of carbohydrates and fiber that can aid in digesting and help bowel movement.


Fiber doesn’t get digested as it goes down. It actually accumulates water as it goes down, allowing the rest of the stuff you ate to go down with considerably less difficulty.

Eat those fruits whole though! Peeled and juiced fruits have significantly less fiber so they won’t help as much. If taken in well enough, they might not even visibly help!


Sugar, sweet natural sugar. It’s what makes a fruit taste good. Mmm…

But just because this sugar is covered in the generally accepted sphere of health we call a basic fruit doesn’t mean it still isn’t sugar inside. Sugar is still sugar no matter what package it is in.

Much like all the regular sugar, too much of it is naturally not very good for your health. Never consider having it all for a meal. Getting a bowl of fruit is just as an unhealthy as a stack of stakes covered in grease. (Well, maybe not as bad, but still bad)

Some fruits vary in sugar content, however. Of the most concentrated (arranged from least to greatest) are bananas, cherries, pomegranates, mangoes, grapes, and figs. Glucose does provide a natural source of energy for your body which you regularly need.

So always keep them in check on how much you take in. Balance them out.


Calories are actually a unit of measurement. It’s an assessment of energy that you gain from taking in the aforementioned food. Two bananas actually have as much calories as a small pack of Oreos (100 calories). So be wary since it’s easy to take more than just two. Or pick up a mango which has around fifty percent more calories!

Raspberry Ketone Supplement


Raspberry Ketone is a compound found in raspberries and is marketed as a weight loss supplement.  Take the Raspberry Ketone Supplement and it is like consuming only the part of the fruit that is essential in losing weight – devoid of the sugars that go in the fruit.

Now all this health stuff can get pretty complicated, especially when you’re trying to incorporate it in your daily life. And, at times, you may wonder as you’re passing by your local bakery, “just how good would that cake taste?” Even more so when you’re out on a fancy restaurant with your friends and you are the only one having the salad.

Raspberry ketone supplements allows you to have the healthy fruits and some fat inducing ones like the cake and still burn the fats and glucose you consume with it.

Weight Loss Program That Makes Sense – The Green Coffee Bean Extract Advantage

For some, obesity is a constant battle of wills between what the brain knows to be right and what the body craves for.  And unfortunately, based on current statistics, the cravings win most of the time.   Fortunately, the newest weight management support supplement – Green Coffee Bean Extract – may change all that and reverse statistical tides.

Apparently, Green Coffee Bean extract burns fat and keeps fat from building up independent of physical exercise and regardless of total calorie intake.  What is more astounding is that it has no apparent adverse side effect.  According to the study on overweight individuals who took green coffee bean extract supplement, there was a 16 % decrease body fat.  This is a significant weight loss in just twelve weeks and without changing their diet too! All of the subjects in the study lost weight, both male and female.


So what next?


It is true that our bodies are wired differently and our health is influenced by different factors from genetics to environment.  This is the reason why one weight loss program or supplement may work for one and not the other but this newest supplement (from otherwise centuries old source) may just be the one supplement that works for you.


Who is it for?


Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement is for people who have a hard time sticking to their diet.  Researchers say that paying too much attention on what you eat can actually make you fatter because once you abandon the diet, you tend to eat more than you did before you started the diet. Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement lets you eat like you normally would and the transition is better.  As you lose weight, you’ll find yourself enjoying each meal and actually decide to eat healthy instead because you are not forced into it.

Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement is also for people want to lose weight but their job keeps them tied to the desk. The rise of home offices and jobs that require almost 100% of their time in front of the computer has given birth to a generation of over weights on a diet of take outs.  Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements lets the body burn fat without strenuous exercise so even a little exercise can leave a feeling of great accomplishment.  The supplement also prevents fat build up because it slows down the release of sugar (glucose) into the bloodstream, no extra glucose – no stored fat.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is available online.

Raspberry Ketone Supplements – Helping People Make Healthier Choices

 Obesity and Diabetes are two health concerns that are almost always connected.   Diabetes may not the only disease acquired by people whose body fat is more than 20% the normal rate but life threatening complications are compounded if a person is afflicted by both.  The cure for the dilemma is simple (lose the extra weight) but the process is difficult as change always is.

Raspberry Ketone Supplement is meant to make the change a little less tough so you can concentrate on what is important which to enjoy life as it comes.

Raspberry ketones affect the body in such a way that it feels full.  Hunger pangs are rare and therefore you do not find yourself craving for food most of the time.  You eat when you need to and consume just enough to sustain your body. Knowing you have a controlled appetite subconsciously give s you a sense of well-being not lethargic by the end of the day, energetic enough not skip working out or taking a 30 minute walk.

Incidentally, the weight loss during that 30 minute walk is boosted by the raspberry ketone’s ability to metabolize faster.  With the raspberry ketone supplement, it does not take much of a work-out to burn body fats and blood glucose.  But then, the longer and more strenuous the work-out is, the more you lose weight.

Exercise also curb appetite and while exercising you feel the need to take in more liquids that help flush out most of the toxins in the body and hydrates it.  You sweat more, you drink more and the fuller you feel.  Again, you eat less than you normally would.

Obesity is hard to deal with because it is difficult to do simple tasks because of the weight. Raspberry ketone, make every effort count – this is how raspberry ketones benefit the body.

Raspberry Ketones is a compound manufactured based on scientific theory.  The fact that more and more people are giving the supplement a chance is because they find that the theory behind the supplement is worth a try and not just some hype.  Dr. Oz believes in it and recommends it and even explained how it works, in his show.

Raspberry Ketone is a good companion for people who are starting out.  And as you slowly try to make healthy choices in food and activities, you are also starting to steer clear of diabetes, coronary disease, hypertension and whatever else comes after.  Raspberry ketones just make things easier and losing weight less of a battle and more of an exciting journey.

Saffron Therapy – Significant Weight Loss in a Capsule

What is Saffron Therapy?

Saffron therapy is a just a term coined for purposes of this article, it is not an official medical term.  Nonetheless, it means exactly what it says.  It is a method of healing or an attempt to remedy a health problem with the use of saffron.  In the medical field it therapy also means treatment.

Saffron has been a popular spice for centuries as well as an alternative medicinal remedy for a number of ailments.  Recently however, it has gained a fair amount of popularity as a supplement to aid in weight loss management after it was endorsed by Dr. Oz in his show.

Saffron therapy for weight loss is straight forward and how it works is simple to understand.  Take note however that Saffron supplements are effective as a weight loss boost for people who have emotional eating disorder or people who turn to food to counter stress. It is basically for everyone who has gained weight because of over eating. Saffron is has always been known to positively affect a person’s mood and recent studies have shown it has something to do with its ability to increase levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter , a mood regulator so to speak although it has other functions that let our body work more efficiently.

Weight loss happens when the right dose of saffron supplement is consumed daily.  This keeps serotonin at a level that suppresses the usual urge to start binge eating especially during a stressful day. Saffron’s effect on mood is practically immediate as well as the obvious change in appetite.  The change however does not affect your appetite when a person is actually hungry or when the body craves food for sustenance.

Is it proof that it is effective?

A clinical study was done and published in 2010 indicated that a therapy of daily saffron intake causes significant decrease in weight loss and binge eating or snacking as opposed to a group given placebo.  According to the study, after eight weeks appetite was suppressed by 84% and it also enhanced satiety resulting to significant weight loss.

Saffron therapy using like Saffron  8825(a pure saffron extract) is a safe, effective and worth a try.  Even if the target weight has been achieved it can still be continued to keep the weight off and stay healthy. You do not need to struggle everyday whether or not to eat that piece of chocolate cake, your body will naturally decide not to.

Forskolin – Another Natural Option for Weight Loss

Having a Body Mass Index over 25 is a sign of malnutrition. Our bodies do not function well if we are malnourished. Fortunately, we have options thanks to health professionals who are constantly on the lookout for the best and healthiest means to address obesity.


Body fat is stored fuel.  It is unexpended energy waiting to be put to good use. So the obvious solution is to use it. Start with activities you might like and always start small, do not overwhelm your body or you might get over fatigued. Set a target weight goal and be realistic about it. Measuring your progress depends on how you know you will react to it, otherwise, it is not necessary. The key to the making exercise work for you starts with commitment, consistency and patience. Add to that, an exercise buddy and you’ll be one step closer to getting to your target weight.


Healthy Diet

Some people get better results from dieting and there are a lot of diet plans available based on different concepts. This is because they come from different fields of expertise and the problem sometimes is that we do not know which is better for us until it is too late. There is one concept though that is quite universal when it comes to diet and that is – it’s not how much you eat, it’s what you eat.  The general rule is eat the freshest and the most natural, the greener it is the better.  Commitment, consistency and patience are likewise key to the success of dieting no matter what diet plan you choose.


Forskolin as Your Choice of Weight Loss Supplement

Supplements are exactly that, supplements, to expect more from them is wishful thinking.  To clarify, supplement is another word for enhancements, additions, extras, add-ons. Weight loss supplements are meant to “improve” what is already there.  In order to lose weight, as stated before, we need to use up or burn the extra fuel which is stored as body fat. Our bodies burn that fat through the metabolic processes which is triggered by exercise.  Forskolin Supplements improve the body’s metabolic rate by enhancing the hormones that initiate metabolism.  Forskolin clinical trials have shown evidence of significant weight loss and body fat loss in as little as eight weeks in both male and female obese trial participants.

Forskolin is safe and has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. The root of the plant called coleus forskohlii (where forskolin is extracted from) is also part of a typical vegetarian diet. Forskolin is available for purchase online, please visit

Raspberry Ketone – The Basics


Raspberry Ketone – What is it?


Raspberry ketone is a phenolic compound from red raspberries that gives the fruit its pleasant aroma. It is one of the compounds that give the red raspberry  its antioxidant properties.  It is also widely known as Red Raspberry Ketone, European Red Raspberry or RK. In scientific terms, they are referred to as Rubus Ideaus, Rubus Strigosus and Framboise Rouge.

This compound was given a safe classification by the US Food and Drug Administration. It was classified as a GRAS substance which simply means is Generally Recognized as Safe. It has also been used since the 1960’s in the Food and Cosmetic Industry as a fragrance and flavoring agent.


How does it cause weight loss?


A study on raspberry ketone and its anti-obesity action was conducted and was published in 2005. It was discovered that raspberry ketones resulted in a reduction in total body weight after 10 weeks of use, there was also a decrease in fats in the liver. This is the effect of RK at an intake of between 1 to 2 per cent of total calories consumed.  This had a direct effect on the brain hormone called norepinephrine, which is also a neurotransmitter that affects the body’s ability to burn fats. Researchers observed that a combination of raspberry ketones and norepinephrine caused the fats cells to shrink than norepinephrine alone. The combination alters lipid metabolism, increasing norepinephrine induced lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in adipocytes. The study also shows taking RK at 5 per cent of total calorie intake decreases the amount of triglycerides in the body.

A more recent study supports the previous one and it shows that RK increases the amount of adiponectin in the fat cells.  Adiponectin is a protein hormone that is responsible for the regulation of a number of metabolic processes including glucose regulation and fatty acid oxidation. Adiponectin increases sensitivity of insulin.  Increased insulin sensitivity equates to better metabolism which means fat is burned faster.


Why should I take Raspberry Ketone?


Technology has made our lives easier and movement has become limited finding the time to exercise is nearly impossible.  And for those who do not have time for the gym, or the time to cook a healthy meal, the additional weight is inevitable. And for those who have gone quite far from the healthy weight margin, there is no alternative other than an intense work out at extended periods.  The good news is that raspberry ketone supplements give people another alternative to lose weight because it lets the body metabolize faster than it would with exercise alone.  It is true that nothing beats proper diet and a regular exercise to get the healthy body we all want but some of us needs a lot more boost and raspberry ketone supplements do just that.