A Healthy Diet and Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

A healthy diet plan always accompanies a weight loss program.  There are those who rely on exercise without even dieting, and still others who focus solely on dieting without the work out.  But technically, it’s much better to incorporate both for maximum results.


A person’s lifestyle has a direct association to the total calories a person requires to get her or him through the day.  An active individual requires more calories than the average person, the he or she should eat more.  A person with a sedentary lifestyle however, requires very little calories and therefore should eat less. But then another factor not included in this equation is the amount of calories in the kinds of food they eat.


The right food, even if consumed in hefty amount will not contribute to excess weight. A healthy diet decreases the need for vigorous and strenuous exercise just to maintain a healthy weight and the right BMI. But if you are trying to lose weight, you’ll need both.


The healthy diet is all about decreasing the amount of calorie intake, but making sure that you don’t feel lethargic and tired. To do this an individual should have a meal plan that provides a light energy boost. High fat, fried and preserved foods must be avoided and eat lots or vegetable and low fat meat and fish. Choose complex carbohydrates over simple ones (such as flour based food and rice).  Complex carb make you feel ‘full’ for longer periods, so you tend to eat less too.


The healthy diet also involves making sure that you are getting adequate amounts of vitamins from natural foods or supplements.


Incorporating all the required vitamins and minerals that is required by the body into every mean may be difficult. This where supplements come in and natural weight loss supplements such as the Green Coffee Bean extract along with your vitamins and mineral supplements can speed up weight loss the natural and healthy way. The main ingredient found in the supplement is green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid It is and antioxidant that boosts weight loss by slowing down the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream


Significant weight loss was observed in overweight individuals during a study on the green coffee bean. Green coffee bean supplements also contain properties that can speed up an individual’s metabolism and promote fat burning while maintaining low caffeine levels.


Phytoceramides – Nature’s Answer for Younger Looking Skin

Ceramides are naturally occurring components of the human skin.  There are several types of ceramides that are conveniently numbered and ceramide 3 and ceramide 6 are usually found in the skin.  The epidermis has four layers and all four contain ceramides that creates barriers in the skin to prevent infection and retain moisture.  This barrier keeps the skin supple, smooth and elastic and if the level of ceramides decreases significantly, it results in dryness, wrinkles and dermatitis.

For many years, ceramides are thought to serve a functional but structural role in relation to the lipid bilayer of cell membranes.  But recent studies reveal that they play a more significant role as a signaling molecule that sends messages to the rest of the body.  That signal that they send is called apostosis or the signal that programs cells to simply cease or die.  Because of this, ceramides have been the subject of studies for cancer treatments.

It is believed that if ceramides in the skin are increased, it may help rejuvenate it, thus turning the skin aging clock back to almost 10 years.

One natural way of increasing ceramides is taking phtyoceramide capsules.  Phytoceramides are ceramides derived from plants such as rice and wheat.  Ceramides are also found naturally in a variety of food sources such as dairy products, eggs and soybeans, all of which contain Sphingolipids that contain large amounts of ceramides.  However, Phytoceramide Supplements come mostly from wheat flour or rice.

Phytoceramides are extracted from the plant source and are encapsulated at a dosage that effectively increases ceramides in the skin, repairing it from the inside out.  The change from wrinkled, dry skin to smooth and soft, younger looking skin would take effect slowly within a 4 week period.

At a price that is affordable, you can get a face lift without going under the knife and spending thousands of dollars.  A lot of people, especially celebrities say that moisturizing help keeps their skin radiant and young looking. More than moisturizers, the Phytoceramide Supplements keep the inner layers of the skin in better shape as well as the outer skin so skin protection and moisture is better layer by layer.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Management

For people who are struggling with their weight, there are several options.  But all these options have some things in common – the success of the weight loss program depends on commitment and determination. Most diet plans and weight loss programs are unsuccessful because they are so rigid that most people tend to cheat and just fall off the proverbial horse.

It is fortunate then that there are supplements available that help shed the pounds even with little effort from the person trying to lose weight. Using supplements while dieting can enhance the process of weight loss.

Not all weight loss supplements deliver what they promise so it is best to know which ones work for you.  Best of all, choose supplements that are derived from natural sources over ones that are chemically engineered.

Why take natural supplements for weight loss

Natural supplements have fewer side effects than its laboratory manufactured counterpart. Most natural supplements do not disrupt normal routine. This is in comparison to engineered supplements require drastic changes in daily routines.

One natural supplement that has been known for its positive weight management attributes is green coffee bean extract.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is as natural as they get.  It has the same health benefits from drinking regular coffee.  Coffee is known to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, certain forms of cancer, diabetes and dementia. The green coffee bean extract, aside from the regular coffee benefits, is an effective weight loss supplement.

The essential ingredient in green coffee bean extract is an antioxidant called Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid assists in the balance of glucose levels in that it slows down the absorption of the glucose in the blood. It also helps in overall liver function. People that take Chlorogenic Acid have reported a significant increase in metabolism as well.

As for the caffeine content, there is no need to worry. A regular sized cup of coffee contains about 100mgs of caffeine. That could be hard to manage for those who are sensitive to caffeine. In each capsule of green coffee bean extract however, only has only 20mgs of caffeine.

Where to purchase Green 

The Green Coffee Bean supplement is sold either in health stores or online. They are usually sold in bottles of 60 capsules. But before you make a purchase, do consult with your physician especially if you are on certain medications.

Losing Weight with the Help of a Supplement Called Garcinia Cambogia

Everywhere we go, we are bombarded by images of scrumptious food but then alongside them are images of super models with their flawless, perfect bodies.  Talk about whiplash. We all know the magic of Photoshop that made images even more appealing but even then, we are drawn to both images. The first induces a longing to sample the feast and the other induces the need to skip dinner especially when the belt you are wearing is too tight.

So what do you do?  Ignore both and concentrate on what you want. If you love food and is on the “heavy side” but wants to lose some weight, you do not need to do anything drastic. Just as long as you take a natural supplement that is called Garcinia Cambogia.  It is a natural supplement extracted from the Gambooge aka Brindleberry fruit.  Garcinia Cambogia has an active ingredient called hydroxycitric acid that inhibits citric lyase from synthesizing glucose into body fat. In other words, the sugars in your meal is prevented from turning into stored fat or body fat because the enzyme required to complete the process (citric lyase) is rendered incapacitated by HCA.

It makes sense doesn’t it?  But does this mean you can go ahead and take you fill of the scrumptious (probably greasy) food and expect to look like the supermodel?  Nope, like I said, the flawless perfect supermodel is Photoshop’ed,  there is no way that is real.   But what Garcinia Cambogia allows you to do is to cut down on the weight enough that you get into a healthy shape, and that is definitely not the round shape.  Medical professionals agree that a normal belly circumference means you decrease your risk of developing heart problems and diabetes.

If you want to take your weight loss endeavors notches higher and look like the supermodels (the way they normally look) you will have to hit the gym every single day until you’re all toned.  All lot of work, but I heard it’s worth it.   (I prefer to be just healthy enough to fit in normal clothes and am fit enough to have the energy to do normal chores.)  So, along with your Brindleberry bottle, here is how to lose weight without much ado.

  1. Drink a lot of water.
  2. Stay away from processed food or any food that is made almost entirely of processed food – cakes, bread, ice cream, instant noodles and the like.
  3. Try to avoid eating out. Never would be great just until you reach your target weight.
  4. Stay at home and do some chores.
  5. Stretch when you wake up.
  6. Do not forget your dose of garcinia cambogia.
  7. Watch a movie now and then and eat unsalted popcorn.
  8. Avoid alcohol, if it’s inevitable, take small sips.  Talk more, drink less.

A key ingredient in all of this consistency and the understanding that you are doing this for a healthier better you.

Garcinia Cambogia – Understanding the Hype


A lot of people out there would dissent or approve of the use of supplements, but my take on the matter is that lets just all be open minded and consider the benefits along with whatever negative opinions are out there.  After all, if we are all closed up and cynical, no one would discover anything and the world will still be regarded as flat and people like Nikola Tesla would still be considered a raving lunatic.

Alright then, moving on to the actual topic – which is Garcinia Cambogia. It is an extract derived from the fruit which is popularized yet again by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Now, while some people consider Dr. Oz as a big business sell out, we cannot disregard the fact that he is a highly credentialed member of the medical community – he is a Harvard graduate and a surgeon specializing in heart transplants other credentials that are worth mentioning but then this page is not enough.  His medical opinion –I believe – hold a lot of weight.

Having said that, I have researched and read literature regarding the studies involving garcinia cambogia and I find that the simplest way to explain it is how Dr. Oz has explained it in his show.  I understand serotonin and lipid biosynthesis but Dr. Oz makes it all clear of course with the help of Dr. Julie Chen.  Let’s break it all down.

  • It is the least expensive weight loss supplement out there.
  • It is backed up by several studies that show that it increases weight loss by 2 to 3 times more than what people would normally lose with just diet and exercise alone.
  • It comes from the rind of the tamarind fruit and is used in chutney, soup preparations and it also has been used for medicinal purposes so its safety is not questionable.
  • Based on the studies, taking the supplements for a month will result in a weight loss of about 4 months but with exercise and a healthy diet, you can increase the weight loss exponentially.
  • It is a dual effect fat buster.
  • It’s a great weight loss supplement for emotional eaters because it increases the serotonin levels  so their sleep and mood are better which then suppresses their appetite (lowers their need to eat) which results in lowered fat intake.  It also helps manage the stress hormone cortisol.  For these reasons, people who take garcinia cambogia may expect a decrease in belly fat.
  • It prevents fat from being made and instead they are turned into glycogen which is easier to consume as an energy source. Dr. Oz then uses a contraption much like a juice dispenser wherein apparently de-clog the passageway to turn sugar into an energy source instead of storing it as body fat.

The efficacy of the Garcinia Camborgia is clear enough without the medical and technical mumbo jumbo that most studies are full of.  However, as my grandmother used to say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating – the only thing left to do is to try it.

African Mangoes – Seed Extract for Weight Management

There are many varieties of mangoes, each differing with characteristics and benefits. One in particular is the African mango, a variety whose seed extract is used as a weight loss supplement.

The people of West Africa have benefited from the African Mango tree for many centuries.  The fruit is a source of sustenance while the bark and the leaves are used for its medicinal value. Today, Irvingia Gabonensis, as it known to the medical community has different health benefit that is much needed to address a global health concern – obesity. The African Mango supplement is an extract from the fruit’s seed, it has undergone several studies and is found to have properties that boost weight loss by enhancing metabolic processes in the body.

African Mango supplements may provide you with a managed weight and reduced waistline, it is ideal for those trying to stay healthy. Alongside these benefits, it provides resistance against diabetes, low cholesterol levels and high blood pressure as it controls Leptin and blood sugar levels.

The African mango has bright combination of red, green, and yellow. It also has a richer taste.  It is also referred to as the bush mango, apple mango, and dikka fruit. Opening the seed reveals the dikka nut, a versatile ingredient in African Cuisine. It is also has particularly healthy seed, the most nutritious part of the fruit.

Many nutritionists think that the fruit’s fiber, much like most every other fruit, is the reason behind the weight loss properties associated with it. However, a number of studies have concluded that it has other properties that enhance the metabolic processes in the body.

It maintains of sugar levels as it slows down glucose absorption in the bloodstream. It also has properties that assist in burning fatty acids. It controls hormones called leptin that acts as an appetite suppressant allowing you to feel fuller sooner, thus making you eat less. The African Mango as well as the extract is rich in antioxidants that flushes out toxins from the body which gives the hair and skin a healthy glow.

The fiber content in African Mangoes help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, prevent colon cancer and improve overall health conditions.

To find out more about the African Mango and how it can benefit you and alleviate your weight concerns, click here.  Make sure that you include your doctor in your weight loss plans especially if you are under certain medications.

The Science behind African Mango


The African Mango Supplements which are manufactured and sold today come from a wild mango tree called Irvingia Gabonensis.  The fruit commonly referred to as the dikka nut, bush mango, wild mango and scientifically as.  While the African Mango pulp itself is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it is the extract from the seed that claims to have weight loss and fat burning properties.  Is it as effective as they say it is? Clinical studies published in 2005 and 2009 involving the effectivity of the African Mango extract says that the effect is positive.


The Clinical Study Published in 2005


In a study published in Lipids in Health and Disease, which aims to evaluate the efficacy of irvingia gabonesis in the management of obesity, 40 obese subjects were tested for  four weeks. They were separated in groups and one was given 3.15 grams of Irvingia Gabonensis and the other was given oat bran combined with a low fat diet. All consumed a controlled diet of about 1800 calories a day.  The group that had the IG supplements lost about 5.6 per cent of body weight. Those in the placebo group lost only 1 per cent of their body weight.

What this study demonstrates it that even with a healthy diet, the body can only lose so much but with the aid of the African Mango supplement or IG, the body makes more progress towards weight loss.


The Clinical Study Published in 2009


The next study was more specific to extract IGOB131 and its effect on obese individuals. It was published online in March 2009.  The study aims to evaluate the effects of IGOB131 (an extract from the seed of the African mango) on body weight and associated metabolic parameters in overweight human subjects.

It was a study of 102 male and female overweight but otherwise healthy participants over a ten week period.  One group was given 300 mg of irvingia gabonesis or African Mango at a dose of 150mg twice daily about 30 to 60 minutes before meals.  The other group was given placebo and lost only a pound. The supplemented group however lost 28 pounds.

Aside from weight loss, there was also a decrease in body fat and waist circumference. Bioelectric impedance analysis was used to determine body fat.  LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, blood glucose and C-reactive protein were also lowered.

By the end of the study, researchers concluded that the African Mango has positive weight loss effect and it also helps in lowering risk of heart attack and management of blood glucose levels.  It is imperative though that consumers purchase the supplements from reliable sources.